My Philosophy

Authenticity, Respect, & Patience

pexels-photo (17)I believe excellent educational consulting will help each student be the best, most authentic version of themselves in the college application process. My role is help each individual identify and clarify his or her own goals, passions, and priorities.

To accomplish this, my consulting philosophy is guided by respect and patience. My philosophy is not a “top down” or “do it my way” approach. I do not believe students can or should be “packaged,” “branded” or in any way be made to appear different than who they are. I do not believe students get into college because a consultant promises “insider secrets.”

Because the college application process is the beginning of one of the most life-changing experiences a student will have, it should be a thoughtful, sometimes serious, and hopefully exciting period of time. My job as an educational consultant is to offer the best of my guidance and experience to support students by identifying the colleges that fit them as individuals, and helping him or her put forth a compelling application.