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The Story Behind the Story

Helping students prepare their personal statements is one of my favorite parts of the application process.  No matter what you read online or hear from others, there are no simple formulas to craft a great essay. However, some fundamental components of the personal statement can give you confidence that you… Read more

Are You Standing on Hot Coals?

There is often a “hot coal moment” for many families and students I work with.  It is hard to predict when this moment will happen. Sometimes, it happens immediately after students finish the junior year PSAT. Some parents get a nagging feeling they may be too late helping their student… Read more

Need versus Want – Part 2

In part one of this post, I identified the difference between what students believe they want in a college education versus what they truly need and ways that students might focus on their wants to the detriment of a quality educational experience. In part two, I’d like to discuss examples… Read more

Need versus Want – Part 1

Many years ago, walking through a large department store, I overheard a conversation between two shoppers. The young man picked up an expensive leather jacket with an eager grin and exclaimed in a breathless voice, “I need this.” His girlfriend slowly looked up from the clothes rack with a look… Read more

The Year of Translucence

It’s good to be back in your inbox. My last blog post was in August 2021 when I finished writing a series of “Rules for Applying to College.” (Many of you who have been recently added to the list may not even know that I have a blog.)  Why did… Read more

The Tenth Rule of Applying to College: The Ultimate Answer to Life, College, and Everything

In my long career in education, I have worked as a college admission officer, high school director of college counseling, college admission consultant in private practice, university administrator, teacher, and fundraiser. I have also been a student for many years, culminating in a doctorate in education leadership.  Throughout all these… Read more