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Are you worried about not doing enough to get your student into an excellent college?

Are you overwhelmed by the college application process? Does it feel like the college admission process is a race that you are late to enter and may already fall behind?

Have you found that your smart and capable student struggles to find the motivation to maximize their potential for their college applications?

Do you worry that if you are not equipped with all of the need-to-know information or you will make a mistake, and your child may not get into their ideal school?

Are you concerned about the high level of competition involved in getting accepted into great colleges?

Maybe you feel pressure from friends and family to do everything in your power to help your child attend a prestigious university. Or perhaps you have purchased books and other resources to learn more about colleges and the admission process, but they do not contain the specific information or offer the expertise you and your family need. Do you wish your child could attend his or her ideal college and move toward a successful and rewarding life?

Watching your child prepare to go to college can be exciting, but the college application process is stressful and requires a lot of time. Even though you know your child is a remarkable student, you still may worry about helping them make the best decision for the future. Busy schedules and time constraints may make it challenging for you and your child to find time to research different colleges and learn more about how to optimize their applications.

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Feeling overwhelmed with the college admission process is common

Many parents fear making mistakes during the college application process or worry they have not explored enough options for their child. These concerns are understandable. College is a launching point for success, and every parent wants to see their child excel in life. Parents also understand that times have changed since they attended college. In today’s world, college admission at high-level universities is more complicated and competitive than ever.

Imagine no longer feeling confused, overwhelmed, and powerless about this high-stakes process.

How would your life change if you and your student were in control of the long and complicated process of applying to college?

The peace of mind and confidence that your student is on the best path to a great college are in your reach. Reach out and schedule a session with me today!

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Who am I, and why am I the best college consultant to help you and your student?

I am Dr. Steven Mercer…

I am a college admission authority who coaches students through a once-in-a-lifetime rite of passage. 

I am different than most private college admission consultants because I am a lifelong educator with professional experience as a university admission officer, a high school college counselor, and advanced academic training at the highest levels.

  • I have earned a Doctorate in educational leadership from UCLA as well as a Master’s degree in human development and a teaching credential.
  • As an admission officer at the University of Southern California, I was “in the room where it happened” when it comes to selective scholarship and admission decisions.
  • I’ve been fortunate to work on “multiple sides of the desk.”  As Director of College Counseling at a private high school in Los Angeles, I saw up close a high school’s daily life and worked closely with teachers and administrators, not to mention students and families who are thinking deeply about the transition from high school college.
  • In private practice as an independent college admission consultant for over 15 years and as an adjunct professor for the University of California San Diego Extension College Counseling Certificate Program, I get to see college counseling from the perspective of individuals from around the world. Along the way, I have had the honor of serving on boards and committees for college admission associations, regularly presenting at conferences and events, consulting with EdTech/edupreneurs, and traveling the world to visit colleges and universities.  

From all my admission experiences and training, I’m convinced that there’s no better way to provide college admission coaching than one-on-one. And therefore, I have devoted my efforts to create the best one-on-one private college admission program to serve my students and families to the best of my ability. 

I work successfully with students of all types from around the world via Zoom. If you want to learn how the Mercer Method can help you and your student conquer this remarkable rite of passage, then book a session with me today.

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What clients are saying…

Dr. Mercer was able to make the college application process as straightforward as possible. His thoughtful approach and online tools helped my daughter strategically plan each step of the process.  Together, they developed a timeline for tasks to be completed and, with the online tools made available by Dr. Mercer, completing the tasks was a breeze.  The combination of Dr. Mercer’s knowledge about every aspect of the application process and the resources he provided helped make the process manageable and uncomplicated.  Thank you, Dr. Mercer, for your guidance and for making what we thought would be a dreadful experience a positive one!
– Michelle Albritton, Westlake TX

Thanks for helping both girls with the college application process. I can honestly say a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders when we used your services. I felt I truly had an ally and someone who knew how this process worked. I believe both my children would not have been accepted by the school of their choice but for your professionalism and knowledge. It is without reservation that I recommend you.
– Dr. Philip Haney, Roswell, NM




I wanted to thank you for all your help throughout my application process! I really don’t think I could have gotten to where I am without all your help. Even though I know you were helping many students during the same time you were helping me, because of your quick responsiveness and attentiveness, I felt as if I was your only client. Because of all your knowledge and experience, you successfully answered each question I had about the tedious application process. Thank you for making my experience applying to college as personal and as wonderful as it was.
– Ashley Gharibian, Los Angeles, CA


I am very pleased with my experience consulting with Dr. Mercer. Our son had unique requirements as far as choosing a college. Steven quickly sized them up and made an excellent suggestion, one that was not on my radar. Our son is extremely happy with his choice.
Furthermore, Steven suggested that this particular school might be willing to offer our family a cost-cutting package, under the right circumstances. I am happy to say that all that Steven suggested turned out to be true. He provided valuable advice.
– Lee Rosenblum, Agoura, CA

Working with Steven online and 100% remotely was easy and convenient. Our online sessions consistently went smoothly, especially because he used the “screen share” feature on our computers to be able to view and edit my essays and resume virtually. He always provided thoughtful and specific comments, and I appreciated his dedication to preserving my voice in all of my writing. Having Steven’s guidance and support alleviated much of my college application-related stress and gave me increased confidence in my work.
– Emma Weitzhandler, Seattle WA 

We were very pleased with how smoothly Tyler’s application process went. There was still a great deal of pressure on our son, but he could anticipate and manage the process based on Dr. Mercer’s strategic planning. We believe his contributions were invaluable. We were thrilled with the breadth of Tyler’s options and thought he ultimately made a great college choice. I know it is your job, but you really did live up to what you promised, and we are delighted we found you.
– Laura Landis, Murrieta CA

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I have an extensive college admission and education background that I bring to my work every day to help students and families as a private college admissions consultant.

  • Prior to founding Mercer Educational Consulting, I was a professional admission officer at the University of Southern California. I read thousands of applications and essays, interviewed students across the country, and helped make scholarship decisions for the most prestigious offered by the University.
  • I am Adjunct Faculty in the online College Counseling Certificate program at UCSD Extension, where I train professional college counselors worldwide.
  • I have served as Adjunct Faculty in the Doctoral program in Educational Leadership at the California Lutheran University.
  • I frequently work as a consultant to Offices of Admission at a select number of colleges across the country.
  • My previous experience in college admission counseling also includes serving as the Director of College Counseling at a private school in Los Angeles that regularly sent graduates to selective universities around the world.
  • I have also held leadership positions at major universities, such as managing the $10 million Teachers for a New Era initiative at the California State University, Northridge. As the USC Hillel Foundation Executive Director, I led an organization that represented over 3500 college students. While serving as the founding Director of the College Campus Initiative, I helped thousands of college students throughout the Southern California region become involved in national and statewide politics.
  • I have experience in gap-year and experiential education, first at the Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning in Denver and later as the Project Leader for Youth Challenge International in Costa Rica.

I hope you schedule a time to explore how we might work together.

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